The Coh XX Palmyrenorum Recreated

For the past several months, I've been thinking about how one might work up the various threads of information about military life at Dura Europos into an impression suitable for a Roman reenactment. Most Roman reenactors in the US concentrate on the 1st century with a few little forays into the late antique period, but save for a few stalwart folks up in Canada, I'm not aware of any other groups doing early 3rd century in North America.

Sword baldric based the one from Vimose, 
The first kit the recruit will need will be clothing - a tunic, full length trousers, boots and a belt. The unit will have some equipment such as shields, helmets and swords for the recruit's first event but they will be expected to acquire them in a short time after joining.

Basic Kit: tunica, trousers, boots, waist belt
Secondary Kit: sagum, sword, baldric
Basic Equipment: shield, helmet, pilum or hasta

The commander can provide a list of suppliers and items which can be purchased as well as specifications if you would like to make your own. Shields will need to made by the unit because there isn't anything available for sale currently which is correct.

What Would We Do?
As an old hand at reenactment in a number of periods, I would say the most popular thing to show and demonstrate are weapons, and if you have a helmet that people and especially kids can try on, all the better! A table with swords and some other of the soldier's personal items can help launch a discussion of daily life. Another display by the camp stove can facilitate a discussion of military foodways in camp and on the march. Through all of this there can be woven a narrative of the history of the late 2nd-early 3rd centuries and the pressure of the Persian empire on the Roman east.

Taking Our Show on the Road
 I think a time line type event would probably be our most successful venue, at least initially. They often can accommodate small units doing diverse impressions. Our recreated XX Palmyrenorum is based in the northeastern United States with a preference for events in PA, New York tri-state, and New England regions, however musters further afield would be considered.

If you are interested in becoming involved, drop me a note.

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